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Are you looking to find the right Stonehenge Tour from London for you? Then welcome to the newest resource about Stonehenge to help you find out more about the most popular UK Sightseeing Tour destination. We aim to give you as much information about Stonehenge to help you find out more about this attraction and to also help you find the right way to see it when visiting from London. Some things you might not have known about this famous attraction... it was built in 3100BC and it is estimated to have taken over 30 million man hours to build! For all that time it took you would think we would have a definate reason for its being, but there is still no guaranteed reason for it and debates range from human sacrifice to being for astronomy.You must be aware that if you wish to visit Stonehenge, tickets must now be pre-booked, as you cannot guarantee tickets on the day any longer and all entrances are based on specific timings and this way can only guarantee the time you want.