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Staying in London and want a tour of Stonehenge and see its inner circle? We have made it simple for you by getting tours from the leading suppliers all in one place. You can see Stonehenge, and you can also visit some of the leading UK tourist attractions on the same day. Compare tours and prices and make the most informed choice.

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How far is Stonehenge from London?

Sunset at Stonehenge

Visitors often visit London without realising they can also tour Stonehenge and other popular UK attractions.

Stonehenge is 87 miles from London or 2 hours by coach from London. There is not a direct train to Stonehenge, the nearest station is Salisbury and you would need to get a taxi from there to Stonehenge.

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Places to visit outside London - includes Windsor Castle
5 Star Rating for this Full Day Stonehenge Tour

This is one of the most popular London to Stonehenge tours on offer!

Where you also get to take in the majestic site of Windsor Castle and see the favourite residence of Her Majesty the Queen. Not only this but you also get to tour the city of Bath, with its famous Roman Baths and take a walk around this stunning city. An action packed day for which there is a great reason why it is so popular.

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Our Popular Stonehenge Express Afternoon Tour
5 Star Rating for this Afternoon Stonehenge Tour

One of the best value and most popular tours of Stonehenge from London in just an afternoon. From just £37 for children.

This tour includes travel to and from Stonehenge, entrance fees and an audio guide! Leave London after lunch and arrive back in time for dinner and a show!

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Places to visit outside London - includes Bath
Parents Guide to visiting Stonehenge with children!

Are you planning on a tour of Stonehenge and experiencing the famous inner circle with your children? Is Stonehenge equipped? Simply put yes it is. This guide will give you the confidence that English Heritage have everything sorted, so you and your children have a great tour experience!

Complete Guide To The Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Back in 2013 the Visitor Centre was opened and since then millions of visitors have passed through the doors. There are over 300 items found from digs here, you will find out exactly what to expect and the history of Stonehenge from this visitor centre.

Find out about the day Stonehenge was auctioned

While there are many mysteries surrounding Stonehenge, one of the true stories is that Stonehenge was sold at auction and it was purchased by a man called Cecil.

Great walks near and around Stonehenge

If you didnt know already, then Stonehenge is bang in the middle of the countryside and is perfectly placed for some wonderful walks. With a fine collection of landmarks and pubs on offer it is a popular location not just to see the famous Stones but to also enjoy the rest of the fabulous countryside on offer.

How to see Stonehenge for Free

Technically, it is possible to see Stonehenge for free. However, the experience isnt what you would expect from paying to get up close to it. The experience is also not what you would get from a guide on a tour to and from the famous stones when travelling from London. However, this useful blog post will help you understand what you will see if you try and do it yourself.

The Myths and Legends of Stonehenge

Find out some of the myths and legends behind Stonehenge that will inspire you to want to get up close to these famous Stones. You will find out things you didnt know and this combined with seeing the Stones will allow you to make up your own mind!

Disabled Access Tours For Visitors To Stonehenge

Find out just how accessible this famous UK attraction really is. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring the Stonehenge visitor experience is for everyone, so everyone can learn about the history of the famous, ancient, stonehenge circle.