Why take the time to visit Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is probably Britain’s most fascinating landmark and a renowned World Heritage Site. Dating back some five thousand years it holds an ancient history and has been the constant topic of great debate and supposition for years. The Stonehenge that can be seen today was completed around five thousand years ago but underwent at least three stages of erection before today’s final layout was achieved.


How was Stonehenge formed?


How did these enormous stones make their way to the countryside of Wiltshire and for what reason? Theories flourish. Do you think you can uncover the mysteries that have surrounded Stonehenge for so long? Why not take a Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge Tour to see this enigmatic attraction for yourself along with some other great parts of the UK?

Since its final completion in 1600 BC, this landmark has obviously played a key role in various times throughout British history. Many unusual medieval artifacts and coins have been located at the site, remains of a decapitated Saxon man were excavated in 1923 and written mentions of Stonehenge exist from the middle Ages in the work of many scholars.

There are many myths and legends of Stonehenge, but it is believed by some that it was primarily used as a religious temple, with others claiming it could even be a Bronze Age burial ground. You may have your own theory as to why it has generated such debate and a visit to the site is something everybody with even just a slight interest should partake in. If you have a keen interest then a Stonehenge special access tour allowing you to gain very close proximity to the stones by entering the very core of the circle, should definitely be considered.


What else can I see when visiting Stonehenge?


A sightseeing tour from London to Stonehenge is typically a half day tour, taken either in the morning or afternoon express tour but a popular option for many is to incorporate other captivating destinations into a full day tour with a Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor tour being the most popular choice. Bath and Windsor, though very different to one-off Stonehenge, nonetheless possess a wealth of sites and attractions for the visitor to enjoy and explore. Bath’s world famous Roman spas will certainly entice you, as will the masterpieces of Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge. As for Windsor, look no further than Windsor Castle, a truly eminent fortress that needs no words to describe it.

Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every year, Stonehenge is one of the most popular sites in the UK and by far the most speculated. A large crowd always descends at the yearly summer solstice to see the beautiful sunrise. Theories circulate endlessly as to the original purpose of Stonehenge with a new opinion seemingly being discussed on a yearly basis but you can explore this mystical, numinous and unusual structure for yourself on a sightseeing tour from London and you are sure to leave with your own theories as to why these stones ended up where they did.

If you do nothing else whilst in London make sure you plan an express tour to Stonehenge, it simply has to be experienced and the enhanced Visitor Centre from English Heritage only adds further value to a wonderful few hours at this special attraction. 

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Places to visit outside London - includes Windsor Castle
5 Star Tour Rating for this Stonehenge Day Tour

This is our most popular day tour from London to Stonehenge, where you also get to take in the majestic site of Windsor Castle and see the favourite residence of Her Majesty the Queen. Not only this but you also get to visit Bath, with its famous Roman Baths and take a walk around this stunning city. An action packed day for which there is a great reason why it is so popular.

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Our Popular Stonehenge Express Afternoon Tour
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One of the best value and most popular ways to see Stonehenge in just an afternoon and all from just £37 for children. Includes travel to and from Stonehenge, entrance fees and an audio guide! Leave London after lunch and arrive back in time for dinner and a show!

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